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恷仟匯云祇臼訳醍纎仝臼訳醍纎の知を匐えまshow ゛秧れの來敢理襯廛譽ぁ々12
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1、o繁C室g議M笥 2、薦儔z
3、鯀zy 4、UU邦Oy
5、互腎膸陦 6、郡o繁C喘
7、o繁C互腎w 8、砂田
Hangzhou Wonder Fly Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016, are working in field of research and development, application service and manufacture of intelligent products. Currently, we focus on the development of U.A.V application, included engineering detection, line surveillance, environment monitor, fire resistance and fighting. The other application field is being explored
Our business range:
1. U.A.V technology import 2. Power inspection
3. Bridge inspection 4. Waste water and gas monitor
5. High altitude fire fighting 6. Anti-UAV application
7. UAV high altitude experience 8. Aerial photograph
We own a high quality researching team and cooperate with Zhejiang Industrial University. All member of our operate team have got AOPA certificate and have full experience on successful of mask.